ROBERT POLLACK (Legends Series) SUBORNC Ceramic Circle Ornament

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Many are aware that Mr. Bob Pollack was a successful contractor and developer specializing in commercial real estate in California and Arizona. That's well known, and it continues now with his family. But for me it is the untold story that is amazing. Bob Pollack had a problem. He had vision. His problem was he was unable to sit in his home or office in California and be able to see his daughters and grandchildren show across the country especially in the summers in Tennessee. This new thing called internet was developing fast and he knew someway we could find a method to stream video, LIVE, and not just download files. Dean Johnson, my friend, was developing it 20 years ago, and did...and streams to this day. Bob Pollack became the very first financial sponsor of WHC's Live Video. It was his problem that pioneered the science. And to put this into perspective, Mr. Pollacks encouragement allowed us to stream live video from TWH shows 5 years before Youtube was even created, and 10 years before the Super Bowl found live streaming media. It wasn't about him, because he was packed with appreciation and humility, he wanted everyone to see their kids show too. That's a great man. Mr. Pollacks innovation, as Steve Jobs knew well, solved a problem "of the heart". He wanted to see those kids show...thats all that mattered, and he wanted to share.

Mr. Pollack was born in San Francisco, Calif. At the age of five, he began riding horses at St. Francis Riding Academy. At the age of 13, his family moved to San Jose, Calif., where his love of horses and riding continued through his teenage years. He attended San Jose State University, served in the United States Air Force, and met and married the love of his life Wanda. They have three children: Michael, Patti and Sherri.
Mr. Pollack became involved with the Tennessee Walking Horse in 1968 when his daughters were taking saddle seat riding lessons in Los Gatos, Calif. He rode a walking horse and was very impressed with the smooth gait and easy disposition. He immediately bought the girls two mares that were full sisters. Since that time, Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch has registered over 300 Tennessee Walking Horses and earned countless world championships and world grand championships. Their first world grand champion was Final’s Eb Tide. Other popular World Grand Champions owned by the Pollack family include Expressive Gold, Pusher’s Benny Boy, He’s Extraordinary, The Concealed Weapon, Pushin For Pleasure, Arm’s Deal For Real and I’m P. Diddy.

We are honored to have Bob Pollack as a Legend, and all things Bob Pollack are available by hitting the link below.

  • 1-sided design
  • Crafted from high quality ceramic material
  • Ribbon for hanging included
  • 3 inches tall
  • Dye Sublimation Print